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Passerine is the definition of a bird that perches, and the unique joinery of the backrest looks as if it is perched on metal branches. The approach to the chair design was for it to be sustainable and durable. This meant that materials, the system, and processes had to be thought through in that regard. And the result was a design that bears unassuming characteristics, with a bit of that modern charm. The materials and processes are durable and have a lower impact on the environment compared to other alternatives, with no excessive chemical treatments or unnecessary use of plastic.

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The stool with beautiful hollow bracing structure managed from the interlocking three circular curvature by laminated wood bending into shape, Using natural wood bending and multi-layer pressurized shaping technology, showing the elasticity and toughness of natural materials, covering with high quality of hand stitching leather. Warm and smooth visually and yet sturdy and strong to holds weight up to 140kg.

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Panca Rivola

Rivola is a seat designed to integrate with the natural landscape, a shape that appears as shaped by time and atmospheric agents, a monolith, a sculpture. The project was developed for a seat that can be positioned outside in parks and gardens, it is resistant to atmospheric agents, vandalism and for its installation it does not require a flat and level ground, its own weight and its curvature. allow for safe installation. There is also the version in polished steel, produced only on order.

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The Hug armchair is a design with layered colors. The idea of this design is to indicate that each layered color is hugging the other one in front. The colors can be also changed to your personal taste or to combine with your interior design. The structure of this armchair is made of upholstery and inside with real wooden materials. Also, the design is taller and larger in comparison with other usual armchair in the market.

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Heli X

This multifunctional furniture system was developed to provide a wide range of flexibility on small space. Due to the special shape, the modules can be used as different furnishing elements. Stacked onto each other, they build a shelf that winds up like a helix. Also, the elements can be used as a low table which invites to gather around while sitting on the floor. Each single cube may serve as a simple sitting accommodation and if there is the need to store the Heli X system they can be piled with minimum space requirements.

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Hana Chair is an elegant piece of furniture inspired by plant nature. Like a flower, Hana blossoms into two petals as a structural and functional solution to the requirements of a chair, forming the backrest, the seat and embracing the body of the user. The material used could only be solid wood, enhancing its curves and natural beauty.

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