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This armchair is inspired by the sinuous and light lines of nature, mainly of a leaf. The design is simple but effective and thanks to the production technology of the curved plywood and the specific shape, the armchair will be able to flex slightly according to who sits and the weight of the person. In the upper part there is a comfortable shelf for magazines or books or any other items within reach during a small rest on the leaf armchair.

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The design of the dining table is inspired by Marilyn Monroe's classic costume style in the movie The Seven Years. The leather is made of Italian top Tuscan cowhide, giving the entire dining table an elegant and attractive pleated skirt shape. The leather skirt of the base is removable, and the atmosphere of the table will change dreamily with the replacement of leather. A total of 48 leather colors are available. The Marilyn collection round table measuring 160 cm, Top in Carrara and Emperador marble or ceramic.

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The most important feature of this product is the reuse of gas capsules, which is discarded after use and harms the environment. The ability to recharge and use cheap fuel to charge the product, longer burning time and flame without smoke and odor due to the use of quality fuels are among the other advantages of this plan. The source of design inspiration for this product was the Zagros Mountains in Iran.

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Push Collection

In the genesis of this project there is certainly a strong minimalist influence together with an attempt to support a conscious environment-friendly way of living. The armchair design has been reduced to a minimum in order to lay bare the essence of the elements. The materials chosen are aluminium for the frame (100 percent recyclable) and PET (obtained from plastic bottles) for the upholstery. Its purpose rests not in aesthetic intricacy, but usability and sustainability.

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V Stool

V Stool is designed for the characteristics of the post 90s life, made of solid wood materials, simple and stylish, clever use of tenon and mortise work, full of strong visual impact. V Stool integrates the aesthetics and structure highly, The structure uses the elasticity of the wood itself to innovate the design, and then combines with the dovetail lock. The product itself does not have any connecting parts, and can be disassembled and installed with bare hands. The flat design can greatly reduce the transportation cost and is very suitable for sale on the Internet.

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Niemeyer II

Designed by Joana Santos Barbosa, the rounded forms of the Niemeyer II armchair are influenced by the modernist House of Canoas of Oscar Niemeyer. Having a refined design with architectural details, this armchair is minimal and yet a statement piece. The upholstery work is meticulous, with seams reduced to essential, in order to reproduce the backward movement of flat roof when seen from an aerial view. Upholstered in a special woven bouclé, this welcoming armchair receives people with a gentle embrace and feels the most comfortable place in the room.

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