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This is a new type of room divider for effective use of limited space. Framy could be used as a clothing rack or a helpful organizer. It could also serve as a room divider for several people working from home. Furthermore, it can easily be folded up and stored when not in use. Completely customizable from any combination of 7 panels, it will fit in every room in your home to suit your needs, and this unique piece of furniture adjusts to you and your lifestyle with infinite possibilities.

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The furniture design is inspired by the life form of a butterfly. Through refining the wing form of a butterfly in different states and combining with the single support structure of home seat, it evolves into angular and clever seat form and the overall style is relatively lively, giving people a sense of lightness and vitality. And the manufacturing process is 3D printed in one. The wrapping seat and back provide a comfortable experience for the seat, and the interconnected seat structure makes the seat stronger.

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Delirios is an armchair that uses both craftwork and digital ways of production. Its basis was digitally designed using parametric waffle programming, which is a kind of 3D modeling that creates a flow structure made with fittings, while the backrest and seat is made from craftwork production. This structure was digitally made by CNC. While the upholstered rests by the basis, as the basis touches the floor through four points of support. The chair came from the desire to experiment with digital technologies together with artisanal methods.

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DC 3

Inspired by the DC 3 aircraft, the stool's concept refers to the aerodynamic lines of the monoplane. Using boards of plywood through a precision cutting process that reveals the different lines of each layer, the DC 3 stool has a structural support that becomes a pleasant visual detail. The stool with a sculptural design finds in the apparent edges a way to highlight its lines. There are many ways to interact with the piece. Some might have it as a sculpture ou decoration piece, some might use it as a side table or foot rest or even for its orginal purpose: as a stool.

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The Graphic sofa provides a more structured seating, referring to the sofas of the past where people sat more upright to talk. The shape of the piece derives from two circular shapes, one being an extension of the first. The sofa is comfortable and perfect for public spaces such as receptions, once they promote a formal way of seating.

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Shelving folding screen, which can be used as a dividing screen, bookshelf and mobile vertical garden. The piece was motivated by two factors: the first was to honor designer's great mentor, and the second was to create a piece of furniture that could provide users with various options together with connecting people and nature, a pungent trend during pandemic times. This piece covers almost every audience. This piece is versatile, carries a strong personality and its functionality is dictated by the way the piece is laid out in the room.

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